Changes to the registration list

The Commission has recently made some changes to its registration list following feedback from users.

Such a large list of information had become difficult to maintain, it took longer to download than anticipated and frequently crashed on people trying to browse it. Much of the information on the list related to registered charities, which essentially duplicated information found in the online register of charities. This proved confusing as the registration list was not maintained in the same way as the online register is kept up to date for many stakeholders.

We took this feedback on board and on 20 June we launched a new style registration list with registered charities taken out. This has halved the size of the spreadsheet and made it much easier to navigate, understand and download.

The registration list now contains the names of organisations which have applied for charity registration, closed, been refused registration, or failed to apply when called forward by the Commission. It also highlights organisations for which the Commission has no contact details.

While we make every effort to avoid errors on the registration list which is updated monthly, we would be grateful if you could let us know if you spot any information which you believe to be inaccurate so we can put it right.

If you’re looking for information on registered charities, your first port of call should be the register of charities.





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