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Three great reasons to attend our Annual Public Meeting

annual-public-m_22611094_6934b396d3792f6be6fd44264cf04c1845bedea7With just a month to go, the Commission’s Annual Public Meeting is a must for anyone involved in the governance of a charity, or anyone who is interested in charity regulation. This will be the third time the Commission has run the event. There are some great reasons to sign up today:

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Changes to the registration list

The Commission has recently made some changes to its registration list following feedback from users.
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No such thing as average – what the register of charities tells us about the sector in Northern Ireland

aoife-morrison-policy-managerNorthern Ireland has a long history of a vibrant, trusted and well thought of charity sector. But, as strange as it seems now, there was no way to fully and accurately quantify its existence until 2013 when the Commission began registering charities.

While we may only be part of the way there – with 5,300 charities registered out of a final estimated total of between 11,000 and 17,500, we’re now able to put together a much fuller picture of the charity sector in Northern Ireland than has ever existed before.

So what’s the bottom line? What we find is a sector that is marked by its diversity where simple ‘averages’ do not reflect the breadth of charities in terms of what they do, how they are established, their income and where they are located.

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Open data – who benefits?

damien-smyth-it-officerLate last month the Commission began the process of opening up the data it holds for public consumption.

In line with a general drive in the Northern Ireland public sector, to “improve the transparency and accountability of government”, it’s aimed at stimulating innovation both within the public sector and without and having Open Data As Default, because it’s the right thing to do.

But with the amount of information we hold about charities, and the insights provided by the research we produce, becoming increasingly vast, we also realised that there were potential benefits to those we regulate of releasing our data as well.

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Charity Commission’s new blog

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland has this week launched a new blog, which will offer information, updates and advice straight from the Commission’s management team.

The blog, a new development for the charity regulator, has gone live this week with the Commission’s first post, which is focused on the annual reporting duties of registered charities.

Welcoming the publication, the Commission’s Chief Executive Frances McCandless looked forward to seeing the blog grow into an informative and accessible resource for charity trustees.

Frances McCandless, Charity Commission for Northern Ireland Chief Executive.JPGShe commented: “Working alongside our website and newsletter, this new blog will provide the public with a fresh way to keep updated on our work and other charity regulation news.

“I look forward to seeing the blog grow over coming months, with posts and discussions on a wide variety of topics and issues, as well as updates on Commission events and activities.”

The Commission’s first post Annual reporting – the next chapter for registered charities has been penned by the Commission’s Monitoring and Compliance Manager, Fiona Muldoon.

It provides an overview of annual reporting requirements for registered charities, as well as the benefits annual reporting will bring to charities and the wider public.

Future posts will include an overview of the Commission’s progress during the 2015-16 year, a focus on new research into public trust and confidence in Northern Ireland’s charities and information on Trustees Week 2016.